Important Announcement!

Important Announcement!

Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post - we'll keep it short as I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about. 

We have two fairly large announcements to make. Firstly, we (i.e. Lucy and Rob, the co-founders of Sgùrr) will be getting married at the end of May! We will be flying out to northern Tuscany later this week to spend a week in the Apuan Alps for climbing, caving, via ferratas (and probably copious quantities of wine), before culminating in a small wedding with friends and family on a remote Tuscan hillside. We have been planning this for the past two years (since before we even started Sgùrr!) and we are so excited to finally be going. 

This leads us to our next announcement. Following our wedding we will be taking the next two months off to travel across the Swiss and Italian Alps in our van. We have a few big alpinism objectives as well as multi pitches, even more climbing, kayaking and many other adventures besides.

This is of course a very exciting time for us, but it does have some tricky implications for our online shop. As we run our business from home there will be no one to help us manage it whilst we're away, so we've made the hard decision to pause Sgùrr for the duration of our trip (from mid May to mid July).

Getting into the outdoors to climb is the foundation on which we built Sgùrr. Climbing is something more to us than just a sport; we've met so many like-minded people through climbing and have had some fantastic experiences (both the fun kind and the near-death kind). It has also taken us to some amazing and beautiful places both in the UK and beyond, so when the opportunity came up to take some time off work post-wedding, we knew we had to take it.

We hope you'll be interested in following our journey around Europe in the summer, as we will be writing some more blogs about our climbing and alpinism adventures. Some of our plans include the Matterhorn Hörnli Ridge and big walling in the Dolomites! We will be posting more about our trip over on our Instagram page Give us a follow if you're interested in what we'll be getting up to. 

Thank you for reading and for being part of our journey so far. 

Lucy & Rob

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