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Mad Rock


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A performance-grade shoe with entry-level comfort.

The Rover is a durable climbing and bouldering shoe that produces 25% less waste than the traditional climbing shoe due to its innovative compression molded construction. It features a patented concave sole with an additional inset around the toe, increasing its performance and edging. The Rover also features an improved heel design with more ridges to allow you to catch edges with a wider variety of angles. 

Unisex climbing shoe covering UK sizes 5 to 11.  

Key Features

  • Compression molded toe box
  • High performance on small edges
  • Heel ridges to catch edges
  • Syn Flex upper provides great comfort to performance ratio
  • Vegan friendly

Product Details

  • Profile: Performance/Comfort
  • Asymmetrical Curvature: Moderate
  • Stiffness: Medium
  • Closure: Hook-and-loop
  • Midsole: 1.8mm polyester midsole
  • Sole: Science Friction 3.0
  • Upper Material: Syn Flex
  • Weight (EU42): 509 g

Mad Rock has been innovating affordable and highly technical climbing shoes since 2002. 


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Customer Reviews

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The size guide below can be used to help you choose the right size of shoe for your foot. These size recommendations are for climbing shoes worn without socks.

Desired fit 

Recommended size



Best suited for


+0.5-1 size

Street size 8 - wear size 8.5/9

Toes reach the end but not curled up. Snug but comfortable 



-0 size

Street size 8 - wear size 8

Toes begin to curl, slight discomfort


Very tight 

-0.5-1 size 

Street size 8 - wear size 7/7.5

Toes curled and toe box filled. Moderately uncomfortable 


Fitting tip: Before trying on your shoes, leave them in a warm room for about an hour. This will help the rubber to warm up and become softer and more supple, allowing a more realistic fit. Cold shoes are more stiff and harder to put on.

Fitting tip: Fold the heel of the shoe down as you put it on. Once your foot is as far in as possible, pull on the heel tabs to slide your heel into the shoe. Pull up on the tongue tab to adjust your foot further into the shoe. Your toes should be touching the end and slightly curled (depending on the fit).